Flamin Anus
By Ronnie

Just when you think that punk is truly dead...I mean how many Green Day clones do we REALLY need? You know the type: those whose only grasp at punk credibility is dying/spiking your hair or wearing a Clash/Sex Pistols/Dead Kennedys T-shirt.

Along comes Flaming Anus to ram old fashioned punk down your throat. No, they aren't original and don't pretend to be either. They are just a vanguard of classic punk. But, they aren't candy coating punk for teenybopper consumption either and that counts for something!

E.C.: First, how did you arrive at the name, “Flamin Anus”? Was it picked on shock value alone?

Flamin Anus: Good one right off the bat. We were sitting around trying to think of a name for the band and I said how about “Flamin'Anus” and everybody started laughing their asses off (no Pun) so that was it.

E.C.: What does punk rock mean to YOU?

Flamin Anus: I think that punk no longer stands for the same things it used to. It used to be all about fuck everybody and not caring about shit. It used to be anti-hippie. Now days it seems that all the punks have the same ideals as the hippie movement of the 60s. Liberal tree-hugger, animal rights activists and commies . Almost makes us sick to be called punk rock.

E.C.: Punk was also a reaction to things going on around you (rampant unemployment in England in the 70s and Reaganomics of the 80s in America). With such a rosy picture being painted by the media (best economy in 20 years, lower crime, etc), what exactly IS there to be angry about?

Flamin Anus: Well, we have finally reached a time in this country where no one is responsible for their own actions. Some one gets shot, well that’s the gun's fault. Some fucking puke rapes a child. Well, he was raped too, so that makes it all right. Some one steals your stuff you worked your ass off to pay for. Well, they are poor and can't afford the same things you can so it's alright. You know, shit like that pisses us off!

E.C.: What do you think of these bands who call themselves punks , but are only going through the motions? I mean, spiked hair and DEAD KENNEDYS T-shirts do not a punk rocker make.

Flamin Anus: I guess people like that are just looking to fit in some where if they aren’t accepted by the punkers, then there still time to become a wigger.

E.C.: Your CD’s are really quite good, a step above most punk rock bands of today. What bands originally inspired YOU?

Flamin Anus: Speaking for my self, I have a wide array of influences. I like old metal stuff like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. I love old rock ‘n roll bands like Rose Tattoo and AC/DC, classic country like David Allen Coe and Hank Sr. And the punk stuff – I think I should say old again, I don't like a lot of new music. Sex Pistols, Meat Men, Antiseen, The Dickies, shit like that. Charlie likes AFI alot. Fragel likes Gwar and Ozzy. Chris digs Iron Maiden.

E.C.: Is punk rock still valid today, 20+ years after it began (in the mid 70s)? I mean, you didn’t have any bands of the ‘70s doing do-wop rock of the 50s.

Flamin Anus: I guess not, but we do it any way. I guess true punk is dead, but rock ‘n roll is still alive no matter how hard Kid Rock tries to kill it.

E.C.: What is the punk scene like in South Carolina? Do you guys get to play live very often?

Flamin Anus: We get gigs in flurries, some time we play 2 or three times a week some times we don't play for a month.

E.C.: What is your favorite member of n'sync (or any other "boy band") and why?

Flamin Anus: I don't know their names but the bad boy with the mustache looks like he can really suck a mean peter.

E.C.: Given the current marketability of "punk" (a.k.a. all those la-la green day clones out there), when will Flamin' Anus jump on the bandwagon and sell out? How much money (and or other 'incentives') would it take being waved in your face to sell out?

Flamin Anus: Hey we are poor for a reason. We couldn't sell out and play some rap or metal or some green day sounding shit. Because we can't play what we don't like.

E.C.: Finally, what is the future for Flamin Anus?

Flamin Anus: We are working on a new CD we have a couple of labels looking at us. I guess we'll just keep playing and recording the music that we like and hope that they’re are still kids out there that like raw rock n roll......

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